Phone Astrology Reading

One of the great values in having a phone astrology reading done, is that it gives you a map of your tendencies, patterns, habits and needs. It also reveals where you tend to get caught and your path towards success.

What makes an astrology reading with Roman unique, is the depth of the reading in revealing your practical choices and opportunities to move forward, towards your greater becoming. Roman’s readings bring to light your relationship with your core, spirit and your soul. That relationship defines the level of joy, power and effectiveness that you bring into your life.

For most people, much of our experience, both in childhood and in our adult lives has been a process of adapting to the needs and expectations of others: as children faced with our parent’s expectations, and later as students, in our careers and in our relationships, we are pulled to define who we are by the needs of others. Over time, these experiences and the resulting choices we make tend to pull us out of harmony with our inherent nature, with the source of our aliveness and effectiveness.

A phone astrology reading with Roman, brings back into focus the greater picture. It shows you where and for what reasons you may have been held back from owning your greatness and full potential. Even more importantly, it will show you the way back to who you were meant to be.

Pandith Bhairav believes in follow-up. As part of the package, you are entitled to email questions that may come up afterwards as a result of the reading. In addition, a 10 minute follow-up session is available at no charge, if it helps to clarify any part of the phone astrology reading.
Pandit Bhairav performs a Puja to solve this issue, which takes up to 3-4 days. Upon completetion of the Puja, guaranteed result.

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